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Equal opportunities

The work on gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity at LTH is part of efforts to ensure that our faculty is a well-functioning workplace and study environment. Gender equality is a prerequisite to provide equal opportunities for all staff and students in their studies, career opportunities and personal development.

As an employer, LTH is to ensure that men and women have equal rights with regard to work and terms of employment, equal opportunities for professional development, equal rights and opportunities when it comes to salary setting and equal opportunities for influence, responsibility and powers.

In accordance with Lund University’s core values, LTH defends human dignity and freedom, the equal value of all human beings, and human rights. Diversity, gender equality and equal opportunities among staff and students help to ensure job satisfaction and high quality in the faculty’s activities (Faculty of Engineering Strategic Plan 2012–2016).

A few of LTH’s objectives

  • to achieve the most even gender balance possible among students and different categories of staff
  • to have no discrimination/harassment on the grounds regulated in the Discrimination Act
  • to integrate a gender perspective and gender-aware teaching into all education at LTH