Readerships at LTH

A readership may be granted at the Faculty of Engineering – LTH – if it is of benefit for research and tuition. This is taken to signify research and research tuition within the subject area, as well as basic education linked to research. Those qualified to be appointed as readers are those who have been awarded a doctor’s degree or have corresponding scientific competence and in addition has acquired advanced scientific skills as well as educational skills. A readership is a proof of higher academic competence and not an employment title at LTH.

A reader is qualified to act as main supervisor for research students – provided he/she also holds a permanent teacher position at the faculty and has undertaken a compulsory supervision course. A reader at LTH will be expected to participate as a member of examination boards for doctoral theses, to act as an opponent in the oral defence of doctoral theses, as well as to accept assignment as expert in the assessment of applicants in employment or promotion matters. An extramural applicant may also be appointed as a reader provided he/she is prepared to accept appointment in accordance with the above mentioned and otherwise satisfies the requirements for such appointments.