For the benefit of Life

A wide range of medical technology research is carried out at LTH. Proximity to one of Sweden’s largest medical faculties and the Skåne University Hospital contributes to research successes that benefit people.

Many of our researchers are developing new methods that can identify diseases far earlier than is possible today. There are researchers who customise biomarkers that can alert us to cancer and other diseases. Some are developing new concepts for identifying cancer cells or bacteria in blood, while others are tracking angina and atrial fibrillation using new ultrasound methods.

Mathematicians are making it easier for doctors to detect tumours on X-ray plates due to better algorithms. LTH’s biotechnology researchers are developing super-sensitive sensors with the ability to spot difficult-to-detect viruses. Prebiotics and probiotics under development will be beneficial for the stomach and immune system. Nanotechnicians can repair damaged nerves – other researchers are looking in detail at how strain affects the skeleton and tissue.

LTH also possesses considerable knowledge about how different particles in the air affect our health. Our research covers everything from ventilation that reduces the spread of infection to the connection between preeclampsia and exposure to air pollutants in a country such as Ethiopia.

Food researchers at LTH are showing that the right food can act like medicine. They design techniques and processes for new foods, and develop creative ways to make food from unexpected raw materials and leftovers.