Research A-Z

Below is a list of keywords covering the areas in which LTH is carrying out research. Click on a word to obtain a short description of the department involved in this area. You can then search the page for the topic you are interested in. This will enable you to find your way to the relevant homepage, which should give information on contacts.

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Acidification, combat of 


Acoustics, engineering 

Acoustics, rooms 


Adaptive high-resolution algorithms 

ADSL (Information Technology) 

Aerosols (Nuclear Physics)

Aerosols - small airborne particles (Ergonomics and Aersol Technology) 


Air quality, smoke and dust (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology)

Air quality, smoke and dust (Nuclear Physics) 

Airborne particles (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology)

Airborne particles (Nuclear Physics) 

Airport architecture 

Alarm clean-up and maintenance (Information Technology) 


Algorithm analysis 

Allergies - molecular mechanisms (Immunotechnology)

Allergies and air quality (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology) 

Analysis of chemical compounds 

Analytical chemistry, technical 


Antennas (Elektroscience) 

Antibodies and antibody techniques 


Applied nutrition and food chemistry 

Architectural conservation and restoration 

Architecture - experiences and influences 

Architecture and design in extreme environments 

Architecture and energy use 

Architecture and housing in developing countries 

Architecture and the Built Environment (Department) 

Art, design, architecture 

Artifical intelligence 

Atomic physics 

Atomic spectroscopy 

Atoms and atomic nuclei 

Atoms, photography of 

Attophysics and attosecond pulses 

Auto ID 

Automatic Control (Department) 


Automation, theory of

Autonomous agents 


Bacteria and fungi 



Bioactive substances in food 


Biochemistry, applied 


Bio-ethanol (Applied Microbiology) 

Bio-ethanol (Chemical Engineering) 


Biogas (Environmental and Energy Systems Studies) 

Biogas and biogas production (Biotechnology) 




Biological water treatment 


Biomedical nutrition 


Biophysical chemistry 





Blood, artificial 

Blood perfusion 

Blood vessel wall motion  

Bluetooth (Communication Systems) 

Bose-Einstein condensate 

Brick as a building material 

Bridges, construction and building of 

Broadband (Communication System) 

Building acoustics (Engineering Acoustics) 

Building and Environmental Technology (Department) 

Building conservation 

Building function 

Building materials 

Building materials and methods, traditional 

Building materials, durability and lifetime 

Building physics 

Building science 

Building services 

Buildings, energy-efficient (Building and Environmental Technology) 

Buildings, energy-efficient (Building Science) 

Buildings, energy-efficient (Energy and Building Design) 

Buildings, engineering solutions, ventilation and temperature 

Buildings, heat and moisture transport 

Buildings, indoor climate (Building and Environmental Technology) 

Buildings, indoor climate (Energy and Building Design) 

Built-in systems, design of 


Calorimetry (Biochemistry) 

Calorimetry (Building Materials) 

Cancer and gene protein analysis 

Cancer treatment and diagnostics using lasers 



Casting (Production and Materials Engineering) 

Catalysis and catalysers 



CERTEC - rehabilitation research 

Change management 

Changes in public spaces 

Chaos (Mathematics)

Chaos (Mathematical physics) 

Chemical analysis systems 

Chemical Engineering (Department) 

Chemical kinetics 

Chemicals, environmentally adapted 

Chemistry (Department) 



Church buildings 

Circuit design (Electroscience) 

Clean-room technology 

Climate and climte change 

Climate policies 

Clinical studies 

Coastal erosion 

Coastal processes 

Coding theory (Information Technology) 

Collision detection 

Colour in the built environment 

Colour perception 

Combustion engines

Combustion Physics 

Combustion processes 

Comfort (Energy and Building Design)

Communication networks, computer 

Communication protocols 

Communication systems 

Compiler engineering 

Composite materials, stress calculations in 

Computational biology 

Computational geometry 

Computational techniques 

Computer graphics 

Computer linguistics 

Computer programs (Software Development Environments) 

Computer Science (Department) 

Computer software (Communication Systems) 

Computer systems (Information Technology) 

Computer-based design tools 

Concrete and concrete structures 

Concrete engineering 

Concrete repairs 

Configuration management 

Constraint programming 

Contrast mechanisms

Construction damp, drying of 

Construction management 

Construction processes 

Construction projects 

Construction Sciences (Department) 

Controlled and feedback systems 

Critical speed of revolution 

Cryptology (Information Technology) 



Dairy products 

Damage analysis and reparis (Building materials) 

Dams, design and construction of 

Data and image compression (Information Technology) 

Data security (Information Technology) 

Data structures 

Data transmission (Communication Systems) 

Data transmission (Information Technology) 

Daylight in buildings 


Design and the elderly 

Design of built-in systems 

Design methods (Machine Design) 

Design Sciences (Department) 

Development studies, architecture in developing countries 

Dialysis (Electroscience) 

Diesel engines 

Dietary fibre (Biomedical nutrition) 

Dietary fibre (Applied nutrition) 

Differential equations 

Diffraction, time-resolved 

Distributed engineering

Distributed systems 

Distribution (Engineering Logistics) 

District cooling 

District heating 


Dynamic systems


Economic prognoses 

Elderly and disabled and traffic 

Elderly and disabled, aid for 

Electrical and Information Technology (Department) 

Electrical energy (Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation) 

Electrical engineering, theoretical 

Electrical Measurements (Department) 

Electrical power systems 

Electricity prices/market/energy market 

Electricity use (Efficient Energy Systems) 

Electron microscopy 

Electronic design (Electroscience) 



Electromagnetic field theory (Electroscience) 

Electromagnetic wave propagation (Electroscience) 

Elementary particle physics, theoretical 

Emissions and indoor air quality 

Energy and Building Design

Energy and heat storage in the ground, nuclear fuel storage 

Energy conversion

Energy efficiency (Environmental and Energy systems Studies)

Energy efficiency Systems (Energy Sciences) 

Energy scenarios

Energy Sciences (Department) 

Energy use in buildings (Building and Environmental Technology) 

Energy use in buildings (Building Science) 

Energy use in buildings (Energy and Building Design) 

Environmental and energy systems (IMES)

Environmental aspects of packaging

Environmental bio-engineering 

Environmental measurements 

Environmental psychology 

Environmental toxins, remediation of 

Environmentally hazardous waste, handling of 

Enzyme technology 

Epilepsy (Electroscience)


Erosion, coast and lake shores 

Ethanol (Applied Microbiology) 

Ethanol (Chemical Engineering) 

Evacuation safety 




Exhaust and emission from vehicles, power plants (Combustion Engines) 

Exhaust gas cleaning 

Experiences and the effects of physical environments 

Experimental architecture 

Experimental design (Mathematical Statistics) 

Extinguishing media 

Extreme climates and weather (Mathematical Statistics) 

Extreme programming 



Fatigue in materials 

Feedback systems 


Fermentation, industrial 

Fiber mechanics 

Fiber-reinforced plastics 

Financial statistics and financial risks 

Finite element method (FEM) (Solid Mechanics) 

Finite element method (FEM) (Structural Mechanics) 

Fire and fire safety engineering 

Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety 

Fixed line telephony 

Flood control 

Flooding, on regional level 

Flow field fractionation 

Flows of gases and liquids 

Fluorescence spectroscopy 

Food hygiene 

Food poisoning 

Food production 

Food quality 

Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition (Department) 

FPGA, field programmable gate arrays 

Fracture mechanics 

Fracture mechanics and fracture processes (Building and Environmental Technology) 


Fuel cells 

Fuel consumption in engines 

Fuel ethanol (Applied Microbiology) 

Fuel ethanol (Chemical Engineering) 

Functional Food (Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry) 


Gas technology 

Gas turbines 

GASMAS (Physics) 

Gear boxes 

Genes, genetic material 

Genetic engineering 

Genetic profiling 

Genetically engineered plants 

Geological suveying 

Geology, engineering 


Geophysical measurement technology 

Giant waves, tsunamis

Glass in buildings, energy and comfort (Building Science) 

Glucose tolerance 

Glycaemic index 

Goods transport 

Grafics card

Graph algorithms 

Green chemistry 

Grid-based energy systems 

Ground water 

Groundwater, investigations of 

Ground water and polutants 



Hand prostheses - thought-controlled 

Hard-/software, parallel design of 

Harmonic analysis (Mathematics) 

HCCI engines (Combustion Engines) 

Healthy houses 

Heart signals and arrhythmia 

Heat distribution 

Heat exchangers 

Heat pumps 

Heat transfer 

High-powered lasers 

Hip and knee replacement joints, stress calculations in 

Housing development and management 

Hybrid cars, electrical 


Hydrodynamics (Building and Environmental Technology)  

Hydrodynamics (Energy Sciences)  



Image analysis and computer vision (Mathematics) 

Image analysis, mathematical 

Immunotechnology (Department) 

Indoor air, working place air 

Indoor climate (Building and Environmental Technology) 

Indoor climate (Energy and Building Design) 

Inductive learning 

Inductive heating 

Industrial construction 

Industrial design 

Industrial drying processes 

Industrial economics 

Industrial Management and Logistics (Department) 

Industrial robots 

Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (Department) 

Infiltration, hydrology (Water Resources Engineering) 

Ink jet/micro-drop technology 

Insulin resistance and food 

Integral equations 

Integrated circuits (Electroscience) 

Intelligent robots 

Intelligent systems 

Internet (Communication Systems) 

Internet (Informationtechnology) 

Intestinal ecology 

Ion-bearn-based measurements 

IP telephony 






Lactic acid bacteria (Applied Microbiology) 

Lactic acid bacteria (Applied nutrition and food chemistry) 

Laser acceleration 

Laser diagnostics 

Laser medicine 

Laser radar 

Laser spectroscopy 

Lasers (Atomic Physics, Combustion Physics) 

Lasers in inspecting buildings, use of (Architectural Conservation and Restoration) 

Light and health (Energy and Building Design, Environmental Psychology) 

Limnology, physical 


Logistics and packaging 

Logistics, engineering 


Machine design 

Machine elements 

Machine elements/components 

Machine tools 

Magnetic materials 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Man, technology, organisation and risk management 

Man-computer interaction (Rehabilitation Engineering Research) 

Man-technology systems 

Marine measurement techniques 

Marine safety 

Markov processes 


Material chemistry 

Material flows 

Material synthesis 

Material decomposition (Building Materials) 

Materials engineering 

Materials in machines 

Materials, chemical composition and structure 

Mathematical analysis 

Mathematics, applied 

Mathematical image analysis 

Mathematical physics 

Mathematical Sciences (Department) 

Measurement accuracy 

Measurement technology for airborne particles (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology) 

Measurement technology for airborne particles (Nuclear Physics) 

Meat products 

Mechanical Engineering (Department) 


Medical applications (Polymer Science and Engineering) 

Medical engineering (Electrical Measurements) 

Medical implants, communication with (Electroscience) 

Medical signal analysis (Electroscience) 

Medical signal analysis (Mathematical statistics) 

Medical statistics 

Membrane separation processes 

Membrane technology 

Metal finishing 

Micro-analytical systems 

Microbiology, applied 

Micro-drop technology 


Micromechanical modelling 

Microorganisms (bacteria, moulds, etc) 

Microorganisms, new 

Microsystem technology 

Milk and cheese 

Mobile graphics 

Mobile systems, GSM, 3G, 4G (Communication Systems) 

Mobile telephony 

Model-based diagnostics (Information Technology) 

Moisture in buildings and materials 

Molecular biology 

Molecular fingerprinting 

Molecular spectroscopy 

Monte Carlo calculations, random numbers 

Multicarrier technology (OFDM) (Electroscience) 

Multiple input and output (MIMO) (Electroscience) 





Nanometre quantum systems 



Natural products for medical purposes 

Nerve growth (Electrical measurements) 

Noise reduction 

Non-intrusive sampling 

Non-linear systems 

Non-linear systems and chaos 

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) 

Nuclear physics 

Numerical analysis 

Nutritional genomics 


Object orientation 

Operator theory 

Optical data storage 

Optical fibres (Electroscience) 

Optical measurement techniques 

Optics and weak-sightedness 

Optimisation (Mathematics) 

Organic chemistry 

Organisational design 

Organisational design and change management 

Oto-acoustic emissions (Electroscience) 

Otto engines 

Overtone generation 



Packaging logistics 

Packaging, degree of filling 

Packaging, optimization, environmental aspects, product development 

Parameter estimation 

Particulates from combustion 

Pharmaceutical synthesis 

Pharmaceutical technology (Chemical Engineering) 

Pharmaceutical technology (Food Technology) 

Photodynamic tumour therapy 

Photon echoes 

Physical limnology 

Physics (Department) 

Planning methodology 

Planning of buildings 

Plant biotechnology 

Plasma physics

Plastering, external rendering 

Plastics, rubber, polymer materials

Plots, building sites 

Pollution, transport of 


Polymers and materials chemistry 

Porous silicon  

Potential theory 

Power cuts 

Power electronics drives - control of motors 

Power station engineering

Power station ponds, licensing 

Power systems analysis 


Precipitation, rain, snow etc (Water Resources Engineering) 

Presentation knowledge 

Probability calculations 


Process engineering, technology 

Product development, mechanical products 

Production and Materials Engineering 

Production economics 

Production economics simulation 


Programming languages 

Project management in the construction industry 


Protective clothing 

Protein analysis (Chemisty) 

Protein analysis (Electrical measurements) 

Protein dynamics 

Protein engineering 

Protein engineering (Electrical measurements) 

Protein folding 

Protein-water interactions



Proton acceleration 

Proton-induced X-ray emission (PIXE) 

Psychological impact of psysical environments 

Public Transport 

Purchasing (Engineering Logistics) 


Quality assurance and software systems 

Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) (Organic Chemistry) 

Quantum computers

Quantum mechanical engineering 


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) (Packaging Logistics) 

Radio stations (Electroscience) 

Radio systems (Electroscience) 

Radioactivity, natural 

Radon, radon in houses 

Rain and storm water 

Rain processes 

Rainwater, surface water 

Real estate (Technology and Society) 

Real estate management 

Real-time systems (Automatic Control) 

Real-time systems (Embedded System Design) 

Rehabilitaion engineering 

Relaxation dispersion 

Relay protection 

Rescue services 

Restoration and renovation of buildings 

Risk analysis, statistical calculations 

Risk assessment and need for protection 

Risk management in municipalities and society 

Risk management, organisation and techniques 

Road/highway construction 

Roads and traffic 

Robot control 

Robot engineering 

Robot programming 

Rock and mineral surveying 

Run-off modelling (Water Resources Engineering)

Rural areas 


Sand transport 

Scattering theory (Electroscience) 

Search engines (Information Technology) 


Selenium in food 

Semiconductors, development at nanometre level 

Sewage and waste water treatment 

Shading languages 

Sheet metal working 

Signal processing (Information Technology) 

Slum areas and housing development 

Snow hydrology 

Snow melting 

Soft magnetic materials 


Software architecture 

Software, development, management, quality assurance 

Software engineering (Communication Systems) 

Software engineering (Computer Science) 

Software for built-in systems 

Software systems 

Solar cells 

Solar electricity 

Solar energy 

Solar heat in buildings 

Solid mechanics

Solid state physics 

Soot fomation phenomena 

Sound insulation in buildings 

Spacecraft and architecture 

Specifications and software systems 

Spectroscopy, time-resolved 

Statistical extreme value theory 

Statistical image analysis 

Statistical signal models (Electroscience) 

Steam turbines 

Stirling engine 

Stochastic (random) fatigue 

Stochastic differential equations 

Stock control 

Structural engineering 

Structural mechanics 

Structures, durability and safety of 

Sun protection in buildings 

Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction 


Supply chain 

Supply chain management 

Surface and colloid systems 

Surveying (Real Estate Management) 

Sustainable urban development 

System analysis and modelling 

System design, methods of optimisation 

Systems with multiple antennas (MIMO) (Electroscience) 


Technical-human interaction 

Technology and Society (Department) 

Telecommunication systems (Communication Systems) 

Temperature, effects on people 

Terawatt lasers 

Testning of software systems 

Thermal environment 


Town planning 


Trace elements 

Traffic in relation to the elderly and the disabled 

Traffic noise 

Traffic planning 

Traffic safety 

Transmissions in machines (gear boxes) 

Transport processes in material 


Tsunamis, giant waves 


Ulcerous Colitis 


Ultra-wideband, UWB (Electroscience) 

Underwater technology 

Unsaturated ground zones (Water Resources Engineering) 

Urban areas 

Urban design 

Urban studies 



Vehicle engines 

Ventilation in buildings 


Virtual reality 

Voltage calculations 


Waste water treatment (Chemical Engineering)

Waste water treatment, operation of treatment plants 

Water and environmental engineering 

Water in urban and natural environments 

Water, molecular studies

Water Resources Engineering 

Water resources engineering (Chemical engineering) 

Wave propagation (Electroscience)

Wave propagation (Mechanics) 


Wind power, policy control instruments, decision-making processes 

Wind power, technology - development and connection to the electricity network

Windows (Energy and Building Design) 

Wireless communications 

Wireless networks (Communication Systems)

Wireless networks (Electroscience) 

Wood in buildings 

Wood/timber as a building material 



Yeasts (Applied Microbiology)