Open library

We now offer Open library for students and employees!

You can now enter our libraries with your LU-card.

Due to the Swedish Public Health Agency's stricter restrictions, the libraries are currently unmanned. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to enter the library yourself and borrow the material you need. 

Open library applies to the Library for Architecture and Design, the E-house library, the V-house library and the Study Centre Library. 

You enter with your LU-card - Monday - Friday, 10.00-15.00

The Library of Architecture and Design is only available to employees. If you are a student and need to access material from the Library of Architecture and Design, you can reserve our books and choose to pick them up at other libraries.

The Study Centre's Library is, as usual, available 8-22.

As usual, the Mathematics Library is available around the clock for employees and degree students in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. It is also staffed Monday-Thursday 10.15-13.00.

Problems with your LU-card? Contact

You get a new LU-card in the LTH reception

The library's contact information

Reach us when the library is unmanned

Reach us when the library is unmanned

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