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Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design

MSc in Engineering, 5 years, 300 hp (ECTS Credits)

The economic life of any community is based on the continuous exchange of goods and services, and the products involved in this exchange. Skilled and qualified engineers are needed for product development in branches such as traditional manufacturing, the processing industry, telecommunications and electronics, as well as the construction industry and furniture manufacturing. The process of developing products includes activities such as design, product development, dimensioning, manufacture, distribution and re-cycling. With growing competition for both raw materials and sources of power, there is a need for more effective modes of production, utilisation of existing resources, and sources of energy. This entails an adaptation of existing products and systems to new materials and sources of power.  

The programme in mechanical engineering aims to meet the needs of mechanical engineers who

  • are successful in developing new products in a competitive world.
  • are involved in the research and development of new products from a sustainable perspective.
  • develop techniques for safe and environmentally friendly power supply and energy conversion.

Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design Engineering offers a unique combination of fields of knowledge in the area of product development. This combination provides a holistic perspective on the processes involved in the development of products and an insight into the human aspects of technology, and its application.

In this programme, the student will develop an understanding not only of how a product functions but also of how it is perceived by people visually, ergonomically and in relation to the environment.