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Civil Engineering specializing in Railway Construction

3 years, 180 hp (ECTS Credits)

There are steadily increasing needs for and demands on transport. A smoothly functioning infrastructure is vital to the development of a sustainable society. In the railway sector there is an ongoing, mutual investment in a unified European rail network. To advance developments, there is a need for highly qualified railway engineers capable of combining engineering with sustainable development.

The programme in Civil Engineering specialising in Railway Design aims to provide graduates who can:

- participate in the development of railways, from the formulation of ideas,
  drawings, planning, production planning and production, to operation and
- apply their skills in many environmental, aesthetic, ethical, financial and social
- bridge the gap between electrotechnology, economics, urban planning and

The programme

This programme is unique in northern Europe, and is characterised by close collaboration with The National Swedish Rail Administration and a multidisciplinary engineering approach, which together mean that graduates are ready to work as civil engineers.

A workplace course, projects and mentors from industry are other important components of the programme.