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Wei Sun

Name: Wei Sun
From: China
Master's programme: Embedded Electronics Engineering

Master's programmes
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What happened after you had finished your degree?

Doing my Master’s degree in Lund gave me a very bright future in China. It was really easy for me to find a job after graduating. I returned to China and I got my job offer just two weeks later. It was very quick! I am now working at Alcatel-lucent in Shanghai, and really enjoying it.

My job is different than what I studied at Lund, but the experience in my programme also benefits my job. For example, my job is focused on wireless telecommunication devices. Because of what I learned in my programme, I can give solutions and suggestions and workarounds at the chip level, which is highly beneficial to my team.

What did you like best about studying in Lund?

I have really good memories of my time in Sweden. The professors and teachers were great. They didn’t just give you the answers – they taught you how to think. I still keep in touch with my professors. I also made a lot of friends here. Everyone is really nice and friendly.

As well as all of that, Lund University also has great connections to industry, and many famous companies have offices here.

Would you recommend coming to study in Lund?

To other students I would say: A degree from Lund will work miracles for your career! I am happy with where it has gotten me, and many of my friends from the programme now work at Huawei, Ericsson and other famous companies. You will also make some great memories while you’re here.