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Interrupted studies

If you for some reason decide to pause your studies, you need to formally inform the Faculty of Engineering LTH by filling in the form below. If you fail to do so you risk loosing your seat in the programme. Make sure to talk to your international coordinator about issues related to your residence permit, insurance, tuition fees, course plan, etc. We usually do not approve any leave from studies in the first semester.

 Application for approved leave from studies

Termination of one (or more) course(s)
If you have registrered on a course that you do not attend and do not intend to do so, we ask you to terminate the registration. On courses you can do that i the portal for students (click on the course -> Participitation -> Terminate).

Termination of programme

Students who terminate their studies before acquiring a degree must immediately notify LTH using the form below. Students who notify LTH of the interruption are allowed to complete the courses for which they are registered. For inactive students who have not applied for leave from studies, non-completion of studies is entered in the student registry when this is reviewed.

 Study drop out