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Information for current exchange students

Study plan

You must follow a full time study plan of 30 credits each semester during the exchange period. You are allowed to combine courses freely from the different engineering programmes. You must observe and verify the specific requirements for each course.

For more detailed information about study plan

Pre-Registration form

All exchange students accepted to LTH must complete an online Pre-Registration form, one form per semester. The Pre-Registration form is essential for:

  • The issuing of all certificates and other documents proving the student's participation in education and research at Lund University.
  • Registration in the student record database (LADOK). Please note that a certificate stating the exchange student's academic results can only be issued if this form has been completed correctly. 

    Please note that information in LADOK is considered official, and that the principle of public access to official documents is applicable, meaning that anybody who wants to, may read this information. 

You need to fill in the Pre-Registration form in order to confirm that you want to keep the courses you have been pre-accepted to.

The Pre-Registration form online is going to be sent to you before the semester starts. 

Changes in your study plan during the semester

Please prepare your study plan carefully and make sure that you apply for courses that you meet the prerequisites. In the column to the right you can find the course catalogue available for exchange students. You will also be able to find course descriptions as well as information about prerequisites.

Course changes after arrival are not allowed unless there are problems in terms of course clashes or any other justifiable reason. You are required to perform full time studies of 30 credits per semester. Information about deadline for changing courses is available under Timeframe - course application and key dates.

Make sure to fill in the online pre-registration form, otherwise you will not be registered!

Examinations at LTH

There is always one week of examinations at the end of each study period prior to the start of the next study period as you can see in our academic calendar. It is not unusual for a course to run over two study periods and be followed by an examination at the end of the course.

Written examinations at the end of a course is the most common form of evaluation. However, written reports that may be presented orally to the lecturer or to a group of other students are also common means of evaluating the performance of students. 

You  must  bring  a  valid  identity  card  to  an exam and you are only allowed to bring permissible accessories. Invigilators will answer any general questions and ensure a controlled environment during the written exams. The responsible lecturer is normally available during  parts  of  the  exam  to  answer  more specific questions. You may bring drinks or snacks to the exam. 

The length of a written exam at LTH can vary from 1 to 6 hours. Normally you should register in advance at the department in question in order to participate in the re-exam. In that case, please contact the department’s secretary. Examinations may be held on Saturdays.

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded at the Faculty of Engineering!

For information about LTHs academic system

For information about exam registration

Cheating and plagiarism

Divergence from the regulations as well as any other forms of cheating or plagiarism is forbidden. It will be reported to the Disciplinary Board at Lund University without delay and the student  may be punished by suspension from the university for up to 6 months.

For more information about academic conduct guidelines at LTH

Online course registration for exchange students

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