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Courses in Engineering

Study engineering at LTH

Study engineering at LTH

Study engineering at LTH

Study engineering at LTH

Study engineering at LTH

Study plan

A study plan is the set-up of courses that the student put together for the semester. Creating a study plan not only helps you to organize your exchange period, but it also helps you to plan the learning outcomes of your exchange.

When creating your study plan, it is important that you look at the course syllabus to see if you meet the required prerequisites for the course. Another important tool is the schedule generator that helps you by providing information about when the classes will be held.

LTH offer a wide range of courses to exchange students, but we recommend that you create your study plan from a specialization of a LTH program to avoid course clashes.


Steps to create a study plan:


Step #1 — Select an engineering program (below).

Step #2 — Take a look at the different specializations offered.

Step #3 — Check the different columns and see which courses are open for exchange students (column S.Ex.stud), language of instruction (S - Swedish or E - English), and study period (1, 2, 3 or 4).

Step #4 — Make sure to review the course syllabus as well as course prerequisites before setting up your study plan.

Step #5 — Use the Schedule generator to produce your schedule.


Available courses listed by programme

Tips: check the specializations (the links can take some time to load, please be patient). The courses marked with an X are the courses opened for exchange students. 

OBS.: For an updated list of courses offered to exchange students please check Courses by department

Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Nanoscience
Engineering Physics
Environmental Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering
Industrial Management and Engineering
Information and Communication Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design
Risk Management

Courses by department (it can take up to a minute to load).


Via the links above you find the syllabus for each course available for exchange students. Please check the course syllabus as well as the grading system carefully when applying for courses at LTH.

Grading system

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded for any of the courses offered at LTH.

Engineering courses:

  • 5 (five), 4 (four), 3 (three) or U (fail). A higher figure signifies a better grade. On the course syllabus it is marked as TH.
  • Pass, G, (Godkänd) or Fail, U, (Underkänd). On the course syllabus it is marked as UG.