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Study facilities and support

Here you can find information regarding study facilities as well as different kinds of support (academic support center, legal help, student counselling, etc) that you can receive while studying at Lund University.

Facilities on campus

Buildings on campus

The LTH departments are in principle located according to their discipline in the buildings below.  Here you find lecture halls, seminar and computer rooms as well as subject related libraries and study places.

•  KC - Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry
•  IKDC  -  Ingvar  Kamprad  Designcenter, School of Industrial Design
•  A - School of Architecture
•  V - Civil and Fire Safety Engineering
•  E - Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
•  M - Mechanical and Industrial Management Engineering
•  MH - Centre for Mathematical Sciences
•  Fysicum - Department of Physics, CIRCLE
•  Kårhuset  The  International  Office  LTH, Faculty  administration  and  TLTH  –  the student union
•  Studiecentrum  (SC)  Reference  library, study places, LU Card station
•  E “Utbildningsservice” Student advisors and student counsellors



Restaurants, cafés and shops

•  IKDCBryggan
•  KårhusetMoroten & Piskan
•  Studiecentrum “Finn Ut”
•  ICA - Grocery Store
•  KFS - Bookstore

Student guilds of the various engineering programmes run cafés in the different buildings over  lunch.  The  average  price  for  a  warm lunch is 70 SEK. 


International office at LTH

The International Office provides general support to international students. All exchange and master students have a contact person (international coordinator) that helps them before and during their stay in Lund. 

  • International Office

Address: Kårhuset, John Ericssons väg 3, Lund 
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 10.00-14.00



Academic support centre

If you study in English and want advice on academic writing, speaking and presenting or reading skills, you can have help from the academic support center. You just need to contact them and book a time. The academic support center provides a free service open to all students studying courses and programmes conducted in English and provide individual and group consultations, workshops, and seminars.



Academic writing in English at Lund University - AWELU

The AWELU platform is an online resource for academic writing in English at Lund University. It is a resource platform for self-help, in the sense that the resources have been designed to help individual users working with their texts.


If you need legal advice

Juristjouren in Lund offers free legal information by Law programme students.

Consultation via phone: Monday-Thursday 18.30-20.00
Phone: 046-18 84 49

Face-to-face consultation: Monday-Thursday 18.00-18.30
Address: Stålbrogatan 4A in Lund

No appointment necessary.


Lund University Student Account Service (IT Support)

All students are given a personal student account with access to email, computer resources and the Student Portal where you can track your academic credits and download useful software. The Student Account will be sent to you prior Arrival Day. Lund University Student Account Service is available to international students and it provides help and support in IT issues.


International Desk

All  international  students  coming  to  Lund University can use the services of the International Desk. They organize all activities during the orientation weeks and are an important resource of orientation and guidance for international students coming to Lund.

•  Lund University International Desk 
•  International Desk Facebook group
•  E-mail: 

Address: Stora Algatan 4, Lund 
Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9.30-12.30