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Student counselors

Are you finding it difficult to focus on your studies due to personal problems?

Are you in a crisis situation that you need help getting out of?

Do you have a disability and want to find out what extra study support is available to you?

Maybe you just need someone to talk to. That’s ok too.

Ulla Bergman

Areas of responsibility: All international Master’s programmes, Architecture, Fire Protection Engineering, Industrial Design, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Economics, Chemical Engineering, Surveying and Land Management, Risk Management and Safety Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

Office: E-huset, Lund (room number E:5132

Contact: 046-222 37 14 or

Emma Hammarlund 

Areas of responsibility: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Design, Medicine and Technology, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Nanoscience.

Office: E-huset, Lund (room number E:5133) and Campus Helsingborg 

Contact: 046-222 72 47 or



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Our counselors are all social workers, and are here to help the students at LTH. They observe strict confidentiality policies, and appointments are free of charge.

Each counselor is responsible for certain programmes, but can stand in for one another when necessary.


”I need to speak to a counselor and know that they are bound by professional secrecy. Can I trust this fully? I have heard something about a duty to report..”

The counselors are bound by confidentiality policies, but also have a certain duty to report cases where they find out about children being in harm’s way, or if the matter regards a criminal offense punishable by least two years in prison. It is therefore not likely that LTH’s counselors will encounter situations where they have to break confidentiality.

The counselors at LTH meet with hundreds of students every year and are used to all sorts of questions. Many students can sometimes find themselves in difficult situations that they need help to get out of.

There is one profession that does not have a duty to report, and that is the clergy. You don’t have to be religious to speak to a priest or a minister. The Student Chaplains in Lund are available to all students, and can guarantee absolute confidentiality.