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Electrical Engineering - Automation

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science is an undergratuate three-year programme that prepares students for work as engineers. The undergraduate curriculum provides strong foundations as well as specialised knowledge. LTH Faculty of Engineering offers programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The study programmes are part of LTH Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, but are located in Campus Helsingborg, a city north-west of Lund.

To enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a professional environment, the courses feature practical projects and problem-solving components. Assignments, company field trips, and degree projects are executed in collaboration with local companies and organisations.

What to study?

During one semester you can take two courses. The spring semester runs from January to May/June 2019:

What is it like to study at LTH?

Alex DeVincenzo from Orlando, Florida, US:

What is it like to study at LTH? At first, I was apprehensive about studying at Lund University. I thought there might have been large cultural differences that made it hard to make friends – but I’m happy to say that I was utterly wrong. I’ve made so many lifelong friends here! I’ve heard many people saying that Swedes are introverted and shy, but I’ve experienced the opposite. People have been so accommodating and friendly.

The atmosphere at campus Helsingborg is also unique. I study Electrical Automation Technology and our class size is not very big, which makes lectures much more personal – it’s very easy to ask the lecturers questions or get clarification if you don’t understand something. Our labs and projects are also awesome, too – once we programmed a soil hygrometer for potted plants! That’s the thing I like most about my studies here – everything is very hands on and practical. I love building things, so it’s been a blast for me.

If I had to give advice to anyone wanting to study here, it’s this: Don’t be apprehensive about getting out of your comfort zone. Study things that are challenging, learn a new language and talk to strangers. You’ll be glad you did!