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Computer Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science is an undergratuate three-year programme that prepares students for work as engineers. The undergraduate curriculum provides strong foundations as well as specialised knowledge. LTH Faculty of Engineering offers programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The study programmes are part of LTH Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, but are located in Campus Helsingborg, a city north-west of Lund.

To enable students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a professional environment, the courses feature practical projects and problem-solving components. Assignments, company field trips, and degree projects are executed in collaboration with local companies and organisations.

What to study?

 During one semester you can take two courses. The spring semester runs from January to May/June 2019:

What is it like to study at LTH?

Aegir Atlason from Iceland and Malmö, Sweden:

My name is Aegir, and I’m studying my final year of Computer Science and Engineering at Campus Helsingborg. The campus quickly feels like home. On campus, there’s always a good, familiar atmosphere.

The programme gives you an amazingly broad education combined with more in-depth, specialised study. Programming is the central focus of the curriculum, but the programme also offers courses within electrical engineering, mathematics, as well as project work.

What is more, the university helps students make valuable contacts with companiesthat can benefit their future career, as well as give them the possibility to make something that’s actually used in the industry. With a bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering, you are ready to jump into the workplace with a short initial training, because it is a practical education that focuses on getting students ready for their careers.

The city of Helsingborg offers most of the luxuries that a bigger city has, although in a smaller format. You can go shopping, to cafés, restaurants, and pubs, all located close to each other. During the spring and summer, Helsingborg you can swim and sunbathe. Thanks to its convenient geographical location, it is easy to travel to Malmö and Lund by train and to Denmark with a ferry that leaves every 20 minutes.

As a student, you can enjoy a wide variety of different recreational activities in Helsingborg, such as sports, music, traveling, and cooking food, all arranged by the student organization Stampus. In order to kick back and relax from your studies, you can also participate in quiz nights and, on Thursdays, go partying at different clubs!