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New decision by the Vice-Chancellor – 21 December

21 december 2020

As the spread of infection remains serious, the government announced additional restrictions for the whole of Sweden on 18 December 2020. Therefore, Lund University's Vice-Chancellor made a new decision on 21 December 2020. The basis of the decision is that all activities that are not necessary to carry out with a presence on the university's premises must be carried out digitally.

Vice-Chancellor's decision made on 21 December 2020 on Lund University's website

Supplementary decision for the Faculty of Engineering, LTH

The interpretation for LTH is that examination and teaching must take place digitally, except in extreme exceptional cases. This means that practical parts of the education that require the presence of students and that, if these are cancelled in January, lead to far-reaching consequences for the quality of the education, exemptions can be granted.

Educational activities that are planned to be carried out physically in LTH's premises must be approved by the Dean of LTH. A risk assessment for on campus educational activities must first be approved by the head of department. The request is then sent to Any exceptions in the course syllabus are decided as before by the respective head of department.

Students are encouraged to study at home. Study places that are accessible with LU-cards will continue to be so to enable digital studies and examinations. Regarding other study social activities and its locations, TLTH is responsible for ensuring that LU's guidelines are followed.

All research activities must be done at a distance. Only experiments whose postponement causes great damage to the research can be granted an exemption by the head of department.

In the case of a dissertation, the author and chair of the dissertation must be in the same room. Necessary technical staff is also allowed to be present.

Libraries will be open to a limited extend to provide reference literature and provide opportunities for borrowing and returning literature. Opening hours are announced on the libraries’ websites. Students and employees are referred to digital support and digital collections as much as possible.

Heads of departments are allowed to maintain a basic staffing of the buildings to ensure safety.

These rules come into force from 24 December 2020 and will apply until 31 January 2021.

Support is available

Some students experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future. Support is available, including: 

More information

If you have any specific questions about your programme, contact the director of the programme in question. If you have views about the programme or feel that a problem has arisen in your study environment, you are welcome to contact the Engineering students' union (TLTH).

And finally: remember to stay up to date via the Swedish Public Health Agency website


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