Information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

Information on teaching in the autumn for current and prospective students

21 June 2020

In March, Lund University switched to remote education and assessment. Now, the Government has communicated that higher education institutions may start to plan for campus-based teaching, provided that the Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules and recommendations are observed. The following applies for current and prospective students.

See you in Lund

LTH requests that students prepare for teaching that will be partially campus-based in the autumn, and to come to Lund/Helsingborg/Ljungbyhed before the start of the semester.

Campus-based teaching will only be conducted in those situations where it is possible to offer a safe study environment. Each course component that is conducted on campus will be preceded by a risk analysis and furnishing will be adapted so that a distance of at least one metre can be maintained. You will receive information from the course director about which components are to be carried out on campus and which will be conducted using various digital tools.

Libraries, study spaces and group rooms will be available for students to the extent that it is possible when taking into account the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and restrictions as well as Lund University’s guidelines for reducing the spread of infection. As a student, you have a personal responsibility to observe the recommendations.

Watch a reminder on YouTube about what applies.

This a very special situation and we are doing all we can to ensure students will be affected as little as possible. While the pandemic prevails, syllabi may be changed so that teaching components or examinations can continue to be conducted digitally in cases where this is required. In exceptional cases, decisions concerning teaching and assessment need to be made that deviate from the List of Rights for Students at Lund University.

Support is available


Some students experience difficulties with remote studies or have questions and reflections about the future. Support is available, including:

·        Study guidance

·        Student councellors

International coordinators

Studying abroad

If you have planned to study abroad in the autumn semester of 2020, you need to explore alternatives in the event that it is not possible to travel in the prevailing circumstances.

If you have any questions concerning studying abroad, contact

More information

Lund University’s information for students relating to Covid-19

Answers to students’ FAQs

You will receive information from the programme management and course directors concerning the effect of coronavirus restrictions on your programme. If you have any specific questions about your programme, contact the director of the programme in question. If you have views about the programme, you can also contact the students’ union via the students' union's website

Important information about remote exams

25 June 2020

Before the exam you will receive information from the course coordinator - read it carefully and preferably test the technology that will be used, so that you not unnecessarily fail the exam because of technical problems.

Keep in mind that exams are designed differently because the courses have been adapted in different ways. Of course, it requires you as a student to manage different instructions and conditions.

In many cases, you do not have the allot your own time during the exam. In other words, you are likely to hand in the exam in different components and cannot then go back to correct or change.

Be in time! Late arrivals will not be accepted.

Technical problems

Information should be provided by the course director regarding how technical problems are to be addressed.

In the event of a problem you are to inform the invigilator or course director as soon as possible, while keeping on working, and submit the exam as well as you can. If you lose contact with Zoom, try to log in again. The examiner will subsequently conduct an assessment of whether the exam has been submitted in an approved way. It is possible that the exam has to be retaken (but in this case there is a requirement for good documentation about what went wrong).

You are to contact the course director if you lack equipment for taking the exam in accordance with the guidelines issued by the course director.

Information regarding in Canvas at Lund University's website.

Information about recording and surveilance during remote exams at Lund University's staff portal.



Support for teachers at LTH

Support for teachers in distance learning and examination at CEE's webpage

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