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More clarity in the organisation


The new research and education organisations have now been launched at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, both with the aims of reducing territorial mindsets and increasing clarity.

Erik Swietlicki, Professor and Assistant Dean for Research, was responsible for developing the new structure for LTH’s research organisation, which was launched on 1 May 2016.”We previously had three separate research boards, where LTH was divided into territories. Many of us, including myself, felt that this fragmented the organisation” said Erik Swietlicki.

The new management structure of LTH’s research organisation consists of a research board and a research programmes board. ”The purpose was to create as simple and clear an organisation as possible” Erik Swietlicki continued.

Annika Mårtensson, Professor and Deputy Dean, has been responsible for developing the new education organisation. ”The decision-making structure will now be much clearer and decisions will more often be made by those in the organisation who possess the right knowledge” said Annika Mårtensson.

The new education board will make decisions about principal and strategic issues, and consists of 5 representatives from the different programme areas: Martin Höst, Anders Heyden, Carin Andersson, Klas Ernald Borges and Kristofer Modig.The programme committees will take on more of the ’hands on’ tasks, and make decisions relating to the programmes.

”The new organisation is a fresh start and an opportunity to tackle quality issues and develop our programmes” said Annika Mårtensson.