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Meet our new Assistant Dean, Annika Olsson


Annika Olsson

”My name is Annika Olsson, and as of July I am an Assistant Dean at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH, and will be focusing on collaboration and innovation. This role will be both exciting and challenging. My duties fall exactly in the area that I feel most inspired by, and that I see as a prerequisite to success for universities in general, and technical institutions in particular.”

“I am a professor of packaging logistics at the Department of Design Sciences. Before acquiring my PhD degree I spent roughly 15 years working as an engineer for Alfa Laval and Tetra Pak. With my long background in the private sector, it feels natural and obvious for me to collaborate with the industry in both research and education contexts. I am a strong believer in the knowledge transfer and exchange between academia and private industry. I see this kind of cross boundary collaboration as a prerequisite for innovation, which is also a part of my mission."

"In my new duties as Assistant Dean, I will be placing a strong emphasis on increase the visibility of the opportunities that available for private industry, alumni and the wider community to collaborate with LTH’s researchers, teachers and students. We would like to see more industry based PhD students and adjunct professors at LTH. We also want to increase the amount of contract research- and education activities. Similarly, we would like to welcome more collaboration partners in our placement courses and degree projects."

"The research portals will form an important connection between LTH’s multidisciplinary research network and wider society. The networks that are created over departmental boundaries give us the opportunity to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. I look forward to discussions around innovation and entrepreneurship, and creating metrics that will stimulate and reward both collaboration and innovation. And I look forward to being a part of developing LTH."

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