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Mapci is starting an open innovation lab focusing on cloud technology


Research institute MAPCI is now starting an open innovation laboratory in which companies and public organisations can conduct innovative activities within the fields of ICT, mobile and cloud technology. The initiative, entitled MAPCI Open Innovation Lab, has just been awarded a grant of SEK 1.5 million from innovation authority Vinnova.

“There is a lot of talk about the importance of cooperation between industry, academia and the public sector. MAPCI Open Innovation Lab is a concrete example of these agents having an opportunity to collaborate, using MAPCI’s project platforms”, says Sten Minör, innovation director at MAPCI.

MAPCI Open Innovation Lab will enable everything from start-ups to major companies and public sector organisations such as hospitals and public transport to conduct research-based innovation in joint projects. MAPCI offers project platforms, development tools and development expertise within the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, as well as hardware for experiments and prototype development. In addition, MAPCI represents cutting-edge expertise through direct contact with researchers at the University and private research divisions.

“There is a need for new approaches in innovation, both among companies and within the public sector. Many research findings remain as scientific articles and PhD theses, but we want to move them into collaboration with business and industry and public organisations. This can be done for a relatively small additional cost”, says Björn Landfeldt, director of MAPCI.

MAPCI has already established joint projects with Sony, Region Skåne, Sensative, Ericsson, Växjöbostäder, Helsingborgshem and Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.

“Our activities are in full swing and we are currently planning more, including within the framework of Vinnova’s centre of excellence EASE, with partner companies – and much more. We hope to be able to attract many new companies and would like to see a mixture of start-ups, major companies, academia and the public sector in our innovation lab in the future. That is how new innovative products and services will be generated in the region” says Sten Minör.

MAPCI facts:

MAPCI ‒ Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute is a research institute which conducts research within mobile systems. The specialised centre is part of Lund University and is located at the Mobile Heights Centre (MHC) in Lund. Read more on