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Lund University Faculty of Engineering awards three new honorary doctorates


Heike Riel, Keith Trigwell and Takehiko Kitamori – new honorary doctors at LTH.

In December 2015 the board the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH) decided to awards three new honorary doctorates: Professor Keith Trigwell from the University of Sydney, Dr. Heike Riel at the IBM research laboratory in Zürich, Switzerland, and Professor Takehiko Kitamori at the University of Tokyo.

The educational challenge

Professor Keith Trigwell works at the University of Sydney and conducts research in teaching and learning in higher education. Since the turn of the millennium, Professor Keith Trigwell has been active in the research area Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, which is about university teachers’ reflective approach to teaching and learning.

Keith Trigwell’s research and leading role in the development of higher education teaching and learning has had a major impact on LTH’s educational development.

For a smaller world

Dr. Heike Riel leads a highly successful research environment at the IBM research laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland. Heike Riel has collaborated with LTH researchers in the EU-funded research project Nanowire-Based One-Dimensional Electronics (NODE) that started in 2005. With this project the electronics applications of nanowires accelerated, and Heike Riel’s leadership brought the IBM group to a leading international position early on. Heike Riel has over the years made valuable contributions to LTH’s research in Lund.

Lab on a chip

Professor Takehiko Kitamori at the Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Tokyo, is a leading researcher in lab-on-a-chip technology and microfluidics, and has in recent years perhaps made the major contributions to research towards the understanding of fluid dynamics and chemistry in actual nanoscale. Among other things, his research has been important for streamlining industrial synthesis processes and within highly sensitive medical diagnostic systems.

Takehiko Kitamori has run joint research projects with postdocs and doctoral student exchanges, and established a collaboration agreement with student exchanges between the University of Tokyo and LTH.

The doctoral degree conferment ceremony takes place on 27 May 2016 in the Lund Cathedral. The presenter will be Anders Axelsson, Professor of Chemical Engineering.