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Lund students help Sony with innovation


Some of the students attending Sony Mobile Student Innovation Day

Torben Hede, innovation manager at Sony in Lund

Students from Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering and Blekinge Institute of Technology have helped Sony Mobile Communications to become more innovative. This happened on Sony Mobile Student Innovation Day, in Sony’s premises around the water tower in Lund, together with the cloud technology research institute, MAPCI.

The purpose of the event was for the students to provide input to Sony on new mobile products and new mobile technology application areas. In exchange, the students were to get an opportunity to gain insight into the professional life that may await them on completion of their studies.

Portable mobile watches, measuring tapes that record how you move and rings that function as remote controls; these were some of the ideas that the students presented to Sony Mobile.

“But we don’t want to reveal more about the very best ideas that the students presented, because we will be developing them within the company”, said Torben Hede, the innovation manager at Sony in Lund.

He also said that the hopes for the day were exceeded by far, mainly thanks to the students’ great engagement and open attitude to the possibilities offered by mobile technology.

“When you have worked with students for many years, you realise they have a major capacity for innovation, which is largely unexploited” said Mattias Wallergård, who works at the Department of Design Sciences at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering.

This was the first time a student day was organised in this form. It has already been decided that the initiative will continue in the form of similar events in the future.

Text: Anders Frick