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Lund most popular for new master's students


The deadline for applications to international Master’s programmes in Sweden starting in autumn 2011 was 17 January. In total 25 094 international students applied to universities in Sweden, and Lund University received 9 100 of these applications. These figures include both European and non-European students. There were 5 919 students who had a Bachelor’s degree from a country outside the EU/EEA.


Lund University was by far the most popular choice among the international students, receiving almost twice as many applications as the second most popular university, Stockholm University (5 385 applications).

There has also been an increase, from 47% to 57%, in the percentage of students selecting Lund University as their first choice. When applying for studies in Sweden through the national application system, a student can select up to four different programmes and universities and rank their choices in order of preference.

"One explanation for this increase could be the marketing efforts that led up to the application round. These efforts helped to further spread the word about Lund University and the programmes we offer", says Richard Stenelo, head of international student recruitment at Lund University. "Among other things, Lund University participated in 25 graduate fairs in China, Turkey, the USA, India and the UAE."

Lund University offers 10 of the 20 most popular international Master’s programmes in Sweden. These programmes are spread over six of the University’s faculties. The Master’s Programme in International Marketing and Brand Management is at the top of the list with 856 applicants. In second place is the Master’s Programme in International Development and Management with 551 applicants.

Some Master’s programmes at Lund University are still open for late applications. See the full list of programmes here.