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LTH student is IT Girl of the Year


IT Girl of the Year, Elin Bäcklund, during the awards ceremony at the Universum Awards gala in Stockholm. Photo: Microsoft

LTH student Elin Bäcklund, who is studying for an MSc in Engineering Physics specialising in Software, has been named “IT Girl of the Year” by Microsoft.

During her time at university, Elin Bäcklund has been engaged in the issue of how women can attain high-powered technical roles in programming and IT-related professions.

Congratulations! How does it feel to win?

“Thanks, it feels great! It’s an honour to represent Microsoft in such an important issue –getting more girls to study IT and to seek high-powered IT roles.

Why do you think you won?

“I think my profile is the kind that Microsoft wants to find more of – a girl who can program and is a committed problem-solver. The aim of the competition, of course, is to find a role model for other girls, so that we can address the problem of having far too few girls working in IT, technology and programming.

“The prize motivates me to continue working in IT and involve others in doing the same. I am very happy that my work so far has paid off, and I think that this prize will give me a boost in the right direction for a future in the technology sector.”

Further information: IT Girl of the Year

The IT industry suffers from a shortage of women. A lack of role models is one of the reasons why there is slow progress towards equality in the industry. This is the view of Microsoft, which has therefore founded the IT Girl of the Year prize. To enter the competition, you must have at least one remaining year of studies, have a passion for equal opportunities, and study an IT-related subject. The winner of 2016 IT Girl of the Year receives a range of technical products from Microsoft and will also act as an ambassador for Microsoft, participating in events such as TechDays and Sthlm Tech Meetup.