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LTH News summer issue now available


The summer issue of LTH-nytt (LTH-news) is now available. The focus of this particular issue is on medical technology. Several researchers tell us about their work and what they hope to achieve. It is not just doctors who are important when it comes to our health in today’s world.

Another vital ’detail’ is water – a subject that we investigate in a few in-depth articles.

It is the second issue that features pages in English.

With a circulation of nearly 15,000 copies, the magazine has an extensive reach among alumni, current students, staff members, as well as a number of other interested parties.

There is also a web edition of the magazine, which differs slightly to the printed edition. Some of the articles on the web are longer, particularly those in English which have been shortened for the paper magazine. Links are also easier to follow in the web edition.

Read the web magazine

Mats Nygren