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LTH Career Academy – Application open for Associate Senior Lecturers


A new career development program initiated and funded by LTH will start in Spring 2019! It’s dedicated towards Associate Senior Lecturers (in Swedish: BUL, Biträdande Universitetslektorer) at LTH. 


It is called LTH Career Academy and provides you with tools that will help your in your future goal to become a senior university lecturer. The program will be in English to enable all staff to participate. 


The key ingredients are five parts, spread out over four years, where the first two parts are new additions and runs during year 1 and 2:

1. One-year seminar series

2. Mentoring programme for individual support and self-reflection

3. university pedagogy course (3 weeks), according to individual needs to support learning and pedagogical development

4. Docent Course (3 weeks), including topics such as supervision and examination

5. Personalised leadership course in Ledartrappan (Lund University’s management training programme) and UGL (development of groups and leaders)


The preliminary schedule for the first year is available on:

Applicants should submit a two-page CV and a 300-word supporting statement detailing why they wish to participate in the programme, and inform their head of department about their intensions. 


Application deadline: 31st of January, 2019


Contact: Daniel Hellström, e-mail for information and to submit your application