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International ambassadors at LTH


Helene von Wachenfelt and Lykke Jacobson, International Master's Coordinators at the Faculty of Engineering.

The Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University has recently launched a student ambassador initiative for its international Master’s programmes. The ambassadors will help give prospective students an idea of what it is like to study in Lund.

The ambassadors’ main responsibilities include answering questions from prospective students and writing posts for the international ambassadors’ blog.

“We want to give prospective students as much information as possible about our programmes and what it’s like to study here, so that they feel comfortable making the right decision about their studies. Choosing to study abroad for two years is a big deal, and we want our new students to arrive feeling well-informed and confident about their decision.” says Helene von Wachenfelt, International Master’s Coordinator at the Faculty of Engineering, who launched the initiative along with fellow International Master’s Coordinator Lykke Jacobson.

Application numbers for the faculty’s international Master’s programmes are rising each year, leading to an increased demand for information and service.

“How we interact with and treat prospective students and applicants is very important – we want them to feel well taken care of. We already have a good reputation for being friendly and helpful, but we have to make sure we continue to work on maintaining and improving our service.” says Lykke Jacobson, adding that the ambassadors provide a different perspective on what types of information applicants might be interested in.

This year the ambassadors have been involved in helping new students acclimatise to the Swedish study system. This hopefully helps new international students integrate better with Swedish students and second year Master’s students.

Prospective students can choose to contact an ambassador from the programme they are interested in, or someone from their home area.

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