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INSIGHT incoming call! New video release!


The INSIGHT consortium has released a video illustrating their project and goals.

In the video we learn how the dramatic increase in capacity of storage, communication and computation that has occurred in the last 45 years has resulted in a dramatic rise in power consumption. Even if a single transistor consumes very little, if we take a global perspective the consumption becomes extremely significant.

High mobility of the free charge carriers in the III-V materials contribute together with lower voltages to much less switching power losses per transistor which is a major target of the project. The video also depicts how the III-V technology can be introduced in different applications e.g. radars for self-driving cars, 3D-imaging for mobile phones and airport security systems.

The consortium research is about integration of III-V nanowire semiconductors on to silicon platforms. The consortium consists of 6 very experienced international partners with Professor Lars-Erik Wernersson, project coordinator, and Dr Mattias Borg, operational manager. Both are from EITs nanoelectronics group in Lund. Except for Sweden, partners contribute from Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and Ireland.

INSIGHT from Mattias Borg on Vimeo.