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Housing in Lund for autumn 2012


Tuesday 21 August is the official Arrival Day for international students coming to Lund University for the autumn semester.

This updated information is for international students who are starting their studies at one of the Lund University campuses in Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg and who are still looking for housing. Late August is a very busy time with a huge demand for accommodation when students arrive to start the semester. Therefore, we strongly recommend students make accommodation arrangements before they arrive at Lund University, even if the solution is a temporary one.

Whether you are studying in Lund or at our campuses in Malmö or Helsingborg, this information can be helpful for you in your search for accommodation. If you are studying at Campus Helsingborg you can also check the website for more information on accommodation.

Accept housing offers

If you are offered housing through LU Accommodation (former International Housing Office) always accept the offer, even if it is not your first choice of accommodation. It is easier for you to find other options and change housing once you are here in Lund/Malmö/Helsingborg. 

Advertise and search on (The Housing Pool) is the accommodation advertising agency run by the University Student Unions and is the main website for students looking for accommodation. New advertisements are published on the site every day. Note that no queuing system applies for this website. also works hard to identify and prevent fraudsters from advertising on this website. You can also publish your own ads on Bopoolen's site. Many students are looking for rooms or small apartments, so to have more options it might be a good idea to ask other students if they want to share a larger apartment with you. 

Look outside of Lund!

Lund is a small town and not all students studying at the Lund campus will be able to live in Lund. There is good public transport around the region and the region is small, so look for accommodation in places close to Lund. It is easy to commute and trains and buses run regularly. Below is a list of some of the places outside Lund to consider:

  • Malmö (the third largest city in Sweden and a 10 minute train commute to Lund).
  • Burlöv, Åkarp, Hjärup – smaller municipalities located on the Malmö-Lund train line (all within 10 minutes train to Lund)
  • Lomma – smaller municipality, 20 minute bus ride to Lund
  • Kävlinge – smaller municipality, 6-10 minute train commute to Lund
  • Staffanstorp – smaller municipality, 20 minute bus ride to Lund
  • Landskrona – 15-20 minute train to Lund
  • Helsingborg – medium-sized city, a 40 minute train ride to Lund
  • Dalby – a small community in the outskirts of Lund, 20 minute bus ride to Lund
  • Södra Sandby - a small community in the outskirts of Lund, 25 minute bus ride to Lund
  • Eslöv - smaller municipality, 10-15 minute train commute to Lund

Public transport (train, bus)

Public transport is provided by “Skånetrafiken” and students can get a “Jojo Student i Skåne” card, which gives you 30% of the regular journey prices. As an example, the cost to commute between Malmö and Lund is SEK 525 per month with the student jojo card – this gives you as many journeys as you like within the month, including not only train, but also on the bus system in both cities and in between. To find out transportation costs from the other locations, check the Skånetrafiken website.

Accommodation agencies and websites

Check the websites and make contact with accommodation agencies in the district. Refer to the links under Student housing and below on this webpage at Bopoolen's website.

Some of the Nations might also still have rooms to offer. The Nations are the large student social clubs at Lund University, some of which also have accommodation available for students. Check the nation websites for information (not all nations have websites in English). You can find the links to the nations on this Lund University webpage.

Another place to check is (in Swedish). Blocket is a buy/sell type of website where people can post their advertisements, including accommodation ("bostad") with apartments ("lägenheter") to rent ("uthyres") - here is the link to the Lund apartments to rent result page but also remember to search other nearby locations, outside of Lund. Some advertisements are in English. Be aware of fraudsters!

Short-term accommodation

If you haven't found a long-term solution for your housing by the time you are ready to come to Lund, please make sure that you have booked a short-term option for your first few days or weeks. That way you will have a place to stay while you look for other options in and around Lund, Helsingborg or Malmö, depending on what campus you are attending. 

You can find a list of hostels at the end of Bopoolen's link page here.


Please be aware of fraud and fraudsters. From time to time fraudsters contact people who have advertised that they are looking for housing. Don’t send any money if you are not sure that the apartment exists and that you will get access to it.  Make sure you get a receipt for all payments made. Do not send any money through Western Union to these people. Please also read the detailed information on BoPoolen’s website.