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Explosion at the Department of Physics


At lunchtime on Wednesday, an explosion occurred in a compressor in an operations room at the Enoch Thulin Laboratory in the Fysicum building. The area was sealed off and staff and students in adjacent buildings were evacuated. Tomorrow, Thursday 22 November, work and studies will proceed as usual, except for staff and students at Combustion Physics.

At present, it is believed that the explosion was caused by the breakdown of an air compressor on the so-called rig at the Division of Combustion Physics. The explosion was towards the road outside the laboratory and a wall was blown out. No-one was physically injured. However, a person from the service staff, who was passing by, was knocked to the ground by the blast. The person involved received help from the Occupation Health Service.

The entire Fysicum building was evacuated and closed by the emergency services after the incident. This was a safety measure within the framework of the emergency service’s work. The Enoch Thulin Laboratory has been checked by the emergency services, whose assessment is that there is no acute danger. Staff from Combustion Physics subsequently checked the laboratory.

The Enoch Thulin Laboratory, i.e. the Division of Combustion Physics, will remain closed until both the police investigation and a static analysis have been completed.

There is extensive material damage to the building, as well as to a number of vehicles outside the building.

All students and staff, except those at Combustion Physics, can go to work or pursue their studies as normal tomorrow. No other activities are affected.

For staff at the Fysicum building, there will be an information meeting at 10:00 in the Maths annex (MA 10, second floor) on 22 November.