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Epitaxy by Design – Epitaxial Growth of Dissimilar Materials


Photo by Charlotte Carlberg Bärg

24 May: Welcome to a lecture with LTH Honorary Doctor Professor Chris Palmstrøm!

Professor Chris Palmstrøm from UC Santa Barbara (Palmstrøm’s research group) has been named Honorary Doctor at LTH.

He is a materials scientist and focuses on heteroepitaxial growth of novel materials and structures to form the basis for making new electronic, optoelectronic, magnetic and micromechanical devices. Chris Palmstrøm has been a valuable returning guest and advisor to nanoscience research at Lund University since the 1990s and he has hosted a number of masters and PhD students at his lab at UCSB. Chris Palmstrøm is a Member of the NanoLund Scientific Advisory Board and has also been advising the Linneaus Center NanoScience and Quantum Engineering.

Programme 24 May 2018

Venue: Lundmarksalen lecture hall, Astronomihuset, Sölvegatan 27.

08:30 Epitaxy by Design – Epitaxial Growth of Dissimilar Materials. Lecture with LTH Honorary Doctor, Professor Chris Palmstrøm

Introduction by Erik Swietlicki, Assisant Dean for Research, and Lars Samuelson, Professor, Vice-Director and Founder of NanoLund

09:30 Coffee

Please feel free to also stay and listen to the lectures held by the Honorary Doctors at the Faculty of Science.

10:00 Opening address by Sven Lidin, Dean of the Faculty of Science

10:10 Lecture with Honorary Doctor, Professor Anne Borg

11:00 Lecture with Honorary Doctor, high school teacher Peter Cederström