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Elias Kristensson, researcher at the Department of Physics, receives ERC starting grant


What can you film in in less than 0.000000000001 seconds? Elias Kristensson, a researcher at the Department of Physics LTH who develops laser imaging techniques for extremely fast filming, has been awarded a prestigious grant from the European Research Council.

Elias Kristensson's research has created a method that enables the filming of events that occur in less than one picosecond (0.000000000001 s). To put that into perspective, light does not even travel half a millimeter in the same time period.

“Because of the ERC grant, not only will I be able to establish a research group, but we will have access to the specialised laser equipment with extremely short laser pulses that our experiments require. Now, we can push the boundaries for ultrafast filming by capturing and monitoring events never caught on film before”, says Elias Kristensson.

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