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Dean's blog: Welcome, new students at LTH


My name is Anders Axelsson, and I am the Dean of LTH – Lund University’s faculty of Engineering. I’d like to welcome you all to LTH, Lund University and Lund itself!

LTH is a part of Lund University

This means that you have the opportunity to take advantage of the entire university’s has to offer. When I travel abroad I am not just a part of LTH, but also Lund University. Everyone knows of Lund University, which is one of the top one hundred universities in the world. 

Lund is an international city of research and education. In the future Lund will be a European research centre as two large research centres are being built here: ESS and Max IV. You can already see Max IV being built just north of the LTH campus. Investments of SEK 15-20 billion will mean a lot to both LTH, Lund University, Lund and Sweden!

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