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Dean's blog: Graduation ceremony, and what universities are good for


Last Friday we held our autumn graduation ceremony, or rather ceremonies. The interest from students to participate is so big that we have to hold two ceremonies on the same day. Not to mention the fact that we have two graduation occasions each year. Our honorary guest speaker, Hans Möller, CEO at Ideon Science Park, held an inspiring and thought provoking speech. The President of the Student’s Union and one of the graduates spoke as well, lending a feeling of authenticity and genuine experience to the ceremony. I also tried to convey a few thoughts as part of my welcome speech. The following is an excerpt from my speech to the graduates.

You have now devoted a few years to your studies at LTH! Are you happy with what you have experienced during that time? Have you learned anything? Have you learned anything else? With that I mean – have you had time for other things besides your textbooks? It is sometimes the other things, that fall outside of your studies, that creates the added value, experiences and memories. It is often the sum of all your experiences that is the most important. It is not just about your degree project, but the journey you took to get there that matters. In the olden days it used to be that you “lay in Lund” for a certain period of time. You were deemed to be educated once you had been here long enough – without really having to dive too deep into the books. That is not the case today! And definitely not at LTH!

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