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Dean's blog: Board meeting on Friday the thirteenth


The Faculty of Engineering’s (LTH) Board met on Friday 13 December. Perhaps one should try to avoid ‘unlucky’ days, but the only trouble we had was with the phone connection to our Chairman, Michael Treschow, who was unfortunately unwell and therefore at home. Thankfully the issue resolved itself after a little while.

I suppose you could also say that the education finances are also causing a bit of trouble, but that is a problem that spans much wider than just one unlucky day. In December of last year the Board decided to put an action plan into place in order to resolve the underfinanced education programmes (or overproduction of graduates, to put it another way). The Board decided that we could permit ourselves to create a deficit of SEK 60m under a period of 3 years in order to achieve balance. During 2013 we have avoided generating a deficit by utilising our so-called administrative capital.

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