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Dean's blog: Academic integrity


Our ethical dilemma lies mainly in that we cherish the academic integrity within the scientific world. LTH was first out to implement a policy for academic integrity. We strongly maintain that students and researchers have responsibilities as well as rights.

When it comes to the scientific world, it is interesting to note that there is a fundamental honour code which is separate from the legal regulations. My experience is that this system forms the basis for safeguarding academic quality – that what is written must be correct, newsworthy and strongly backed up by empirical data. What drives us is the quest for scientific excellence and that knowledge is developed toward a greater insight into scientific issues. The entire publication process is regulated by this principle of academic integrity – everything from an article being submitted and going through editorial and peer reviews, to revision, final acceptance and publication. The author can follow the entire process. Young researchers in particular tend to follow the process very keenly, as accepted articles are their tickets to enter the world of research, as well as confirmations that they are on the right track.

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