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Arrival Day at Lund University


Tuesday 21 August, is Arrival Day for international students at Lund University.

Around 2 000 international students from across the globe are coming to Lund to study for a semester or for several years. The Faculty of Engineering, LTH welcomes 300 exchanges students and 125 Master's students.

The students originate from 84 different countries. Germany, France, the USA, Spain and the Netherlands are the countries representing the largest groups amongst the exchange students, while the largest groups of international students admitted to one of the Master’s or Bachelor’s degree programmes come from Germany, China, Greece, the UK and the USA.

“We continue to see a high proportion of international students who come to Sweden choosing to study at Lund University, and for that we are very grateful”, say Lund University Vice-Chancellor Per Eriksson and Mats Helmfrid, Chair of the City Executive Board in Lund.

Sweden ranked as the second best country in the world for higher education in the latest U21 ranking and Lund is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities in terms of quality.

The Arrival Day reception is open between 09:00 and 20:00 and around 80 volunteers and some 30 members of staff are there to help the newcomers find their way.

Students arriving at Copenhagen Airport or Lund Central Station will be met by international student mentors who will guide them to the main university campus where they will be checked in, get keys to their accommodation and receive a welcome package with useful information, before getting a lift to their new homes in Lund.

They will also have a chance to buy a pillow and duvet and sign up for some fun social activities during the welcome week, with activities including a trip to IKEA, “A taste of Sweden”, where the students can get acquainted with Swedish cuisine, and a welcome party.