Thank you for choosing Lund and the Faculty of Engineering!


Today we held an introduction for nearly 600 international Master’s and exchange students from around 50 different countries. The vibe was extremely positive, and the auditorium was filled with expectations and hopes. The energy from all these students who have chosen Lund as their place in the world for some time to come is incredible!

All of you who have come here to study contribute to the internationalisation of the University that we think is so important. In my opinion, it is YOU and YOUR experiences that help our faculty to grow. How good are we at listening? Do we consider differences in background an asset? I am completely convinced that you will contribute to our development. Over the years, I have taught many international students and it has been very stimulating. As a PhD supervisor, I have had students from Germany, China, India, Mexico and Iran, and as a degree project supervisor, I have met students from many other countries. This has been very rewarding – both professionally and personally!

I also believe that it contributes to the development of Sweden as a country, and as a nation of knowledge. But are we good at offering those who come here to study sufficient opportunities? Does Sweden make it easy for these students to continue to contribute to social development and entrepreneurship in the country after they have completed their studies? I am highly doubtful. Sweden should be doing its best to help those who have completed their studies establish themselves in Sweden. Instead we make it difficult and put up walls! Doctoral students must apply for a renewal of their visas every year, even though they have earned a position that is virtually guaranteed for at least four years. This creates major problems related to travel to attend conferences and international exchanges. And then – after they have obtained our highest academic degree – they must quickly find a job, otherwise they are forced to pack up and leave. From an economic point of view, I think this sheer lunacy and a big miscalculation!

Thank YOU for choosing Lund, Lund University, and the Faculty of Engineering for the time that lies ahead. We at the faculty promise to try our hardest to make this a pleasant stay for YOU.

Good luck, Viktor

Viktor Öwall
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering LTH


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Viktor Öwall
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering LTH

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