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Schedule generator



The schedule generator can be found here.

Once you’ve clicked on the “Schedule generator” link above, it will open in a new window and you will see a number of options. Schedules available in English are found under the header “Schedule LTH”. By pressing that link you’ll be taken to the actual schedule generator.

The schedule generator will give you a number of options but to generate your schedule you simply choose the header “Course” on the left hand side and enter the course code to the right of that header and then press enter or the grey “Search” button.  The left column with the header “Result” will show the actual course code and course name which you then enter into the schedule generator simply by clicking on it. Your course will be shown in the right hand column under “My criteria”. Repeat the steps mentioned for each course you’re taking. Once you’ve entered all your courses, press the grey button “Show schedule” to be forwarded to an overview of all your courses.

When you’ve been forwarded to the overview of your courses you’ll have a number of options to change the appearance of your individual schedule. These icons are located in the top right corner and in the lower right corner of the screen. The “chain” icon in the lower right corner of the screen will give you a link to your schedule and the “printer” icon in the top right corner will print your schedule.  The “customize” icon located farthest to the right in the top right corner will give you the option to export your schedule into various formats and calendar programs or altering the actual look of the schedule.

For a graphic, easier to read outline of your schedule press “customize” and choose the “Views“ header and then tick the box where it says “Graphical”, the schedule will then be updated with a graphic view. Within the view icon you can also choose to export your schedule. To export simply press the “Export” header and choose the format or calendar program of your choice.