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Traffic and Road

Traffic and Highway Planning/Engineering is part of the Department of Technology and Society at LTH.

We provide courses and carry out research in traffic engineering, traffic planning and highway construction.

Our research covers mainly road users, means of transport and traffic facilities, such as toll roads, bridges, etc., as well as the planning, design and operation of traffic and traffic facilities. We are studying factors that affect the needs of traffic in society, and the adaptation of traffic facilities based on demands made by road users, residents and society regarding accessibility, safety, the environment and social economics.

Research in road construction is, for example, being carried out on the properties of materials used in road construction in order to develop models for designing durable structures.

In basic teaching we give a large number of courses in traffic planning, traffic engineering, road construction, real estate management and geodetic measurement techniques. These courses are available to all students on the Civil Engineering, Surveying, Fire Protection Engineering and Architecture programmes at LTH, and to students studying subjects such as social geography and physical planning.

Apart from courses for postgraduate students, we also give courses for professionals such as national and local traffic planners.

Division for Traffic and Road, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH Division for Traffic and Road

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