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Sociology is the study of social processes and societal structures. At the micro-level, the interaction between individuals in groups and in various kinds of organisations is studied. On the macro-level, processes in society and their effects on national and local issues are studied.

Energy-related research in sociology deals with issue such as:
• awareness of energy issues and behaviour in relation to energy,
• improved energy efficiency through changes in behaviour,
• the effects of control instruments on actors’ decisions and behaviour
  concerning energy use, and
• the environmental effects of energy consumption.

Current projects in energy research include:
• Improved Energy Efficiency through Intervention Programmes
• Changes in Energy-Related Activities in Daily Life
• Obstacles and Incitement for Improving Energy Efficiency

Completed projects:
• Improved Energy Efficiency in Industry (The Eco-energy Programme)
• Voluntary Agreements as Control Instruments
• Householders as Customers on the Energy Market

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