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International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

Research and teaching at the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) focuses on preventive efforts aimed at greater sustainable development. Central issues, which are interdisciplinary and system-oriented, are concerned with economics, commercialisation, remedial strategies and instruments of control. Research in the area of energy includes:
• energy for sustainable development,
• more efficient energy use in industry,
• more efficient energy use in buildings,
• energy-efficient products, and
• renewable energy, particularly bioenergy.

In terms of education, every year about 30 students take the International Master’s course, "Environmental Management and Policy". During the years over 300 students from 72 countries have participated in the International Master’s course. Most of them are today working on environmental issues throughout the world. Former students have a very active network for the exchange of experience and to initiate joint projects. The IIIEE also gives courses in other programmes at Lund University, such as  "Industrial Environmental Management" and "Industrial Environmental Economics".

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (iiiee), Lund University International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

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