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Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation

The Department of Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation is working towards the sustainable development of electrical energy and waste water treatment. This is done through teaching and research that combine the conversion and transfer of electrical energy with materials engineering and automation. Areas of special interest include:

• electrical machines – design, mechatronics, control
• power electronics – DC networks, connection of small power stations to the
  national grid, EMC
• electricity supply networks – analysis, control, relay protection, risk analysis
• automation – industrial processes, power control, main control units

The Department’s research is application oriented, which means that all the projects are inspired by an industrial problem. In this way, researchers become accustomed to handling complex technical systems and to crossing boundaries between different areas of engineering specialities. This enables projects to be undertaken in areas such as distributed and renewable electricity generation, and hybrid vehicles.

An important tool in all contexts is computer simulation but, when possible, field studies and laboratory studies are carried out, and prototypes developed. Automation is a central issue, which means the use of IT to control flows of materials and energy. This includes the collection of information, control and regulation, conversion from a signal to energy, and finding applications in vehicles, the processing industry, the manufacturing industry and the power industry.

Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA), Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA) 

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