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Environmental and Energy Systems Studies

Research and teaching concerned with the interaction between energy, the environment, technology, economics, safety and development have been carried out at the Division of Environmental and Energy Systems Studies for the past 30 years. This research has been characterised right from the start by a holistic approach and a systems analytical perspective.

Research includes system-oriented, interdisciplinary studies of energy and environmental issues. Special emphasis is placed on identifying and analysing long-term alternatives based on national and global perspectives. Studies are focused on:

  • the efficient use and conversion of energy, where the whole energy chain, from natural resources to energy services, is studied,
  • the environmental effects of using different forms of energy and renewable resources,
  • the analysis of factors that promote or obstruct changes in energy systems, and
  • the analysis of measures for dealing with and preventing problems arising from energy systems concerning the environment, safety and development.

Environmental and Energy systems Studies (IMES), Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH Environmental and Energy systems Studies (IMES)

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