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Engineering Geology

Engineering geology is an applied subject in which research and development are carried out in the following areas:

• ground water and geo-energy,
• prospecting and drilling techniques, and
• plant engineering and geophysical measuring techniques.

A number of extensive projects of a local nature have been initiated by the Division of Engineering Geology through the years, for example:

• Sweden’s only geothermal heating plant, which started to produce heat for
  the Lund district heating system in 1984/85. Today, the plant provides about
  35% of the energy needs of the district heating network.
• The internationally unique Deep Geothermal Project in Lund. In 2003 we were
  successful in drilling a 3701 metre deep exploratory borehole, using a new
  drilling technique for the first time in Scandinavia. This provided important new
  information on drilling techniques in deep prospecting in crystalline bedrock.

The Division has a good international network in the fields of geo-energy/geothermal energy, reservoir engineering, large-scale prospecting and drilling techniques.

Division of Engineering Geology, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH Division of Engineering Geology

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