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Combustion Physics

The Division for Combustion Physics is located in the Enoch Thulin Laboratory at the Department of Physics. The Division has a staff of about 40, including about 20 postgraduate students. The main areas of research are laser-based combustion diagnostics and chemical kinetics.

In the area of laser-based combustion diagnostics, methods for non-intrusive measurements of important combustion parameters, for example, temperature and concentration, are being developed. The methods are characterised through laboratory experiments and then applied in practical situations, for example, in engines and gas turbines.

In chemical kinetics, the mechanisms governing the formation of soot and the detailed reaction mechanisms involved in fuel oxidation are being studied. Numerical studies are carried out in order to reduce the complexity of these mechanisms so that they include a limited number of reactions that can be used in applied combustion processes.
Division for Combustion Physics, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH Division for Combustion Physics 

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