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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is concerned with developing techniques for and analysing chemical processes. Knowledge is required in most branches of industry and products, not least to solve pressing environmental and energy problems.

The Department of Chemical Engineering gives a large number of courses in the programmes for Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering. The Department also provides courses for the International Master’s Programme in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University (LUMES).

The aim of the research carried out is to analyse and develop chemical processes in a broad range of applications concerning chemical, biotechnological and biogeochemical processes, as well as waste water treatment. Much of the research is directed towards environmental and energy engineering, for example, the production of fuels from renewable raw materials, catalysis, exhaust gas cleaning, industrial drying processes, energy-efficient separation methods such as membrane technology, and the treatment of municipal waste water and industrial effluent with biological, chemical and physical methods.

Other areas of research include methods of combating acidification and the development of complex chemical processes for use in, among others, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and the forest industry.

The following methods have been and are being employed:

• continuous reduction using ammonia (completed in 1995),
• continuous reduction using hydrocarbons (completed in 2001) and
• methods of NOx storage.

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