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Building Science

The Division of Building Science has been active in the field of energy research since LTH was founded in the 1960s, and applies a holistic perspective to the technical design of buildings. The importance of the construction regarding energy use, structural integrity, durability, safety and good indoor climate is being studied, as is the relation between them. The study of glass as a load-bearing structure, its effect on energy use and thermal comfort, is a central area of research.

The subject of building science includes structural principles and methods for the design of structures, both new constructions and alternations to existing buildings, bearing in mind architectural quality, comfort and user requirements, as well as resource economy, production economics and operating economics.

Special emphasis is placed on coordination of the construction processes, the spatial organisation of the building, its design, load-bearing structures and energy use, bearing in mind optimisation of resources and the possibility of recycling materials.

In the area of energy efficiency, the following are being studied: the transport of energy through windows, glass façades and roofs, thermal bridges, energy balances, temperatures and comfort, indoor climate regulation using engineering measures and sun protection devices, and measures to reduce energy use and to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings. Laboratory methods, full-scale measurements and computer simulations are employed in this research. Methods are being developed for the determination of energy and power requirements for the regulation of indoor climate.

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