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The Division of Biotechnology is carrying out research related to biogas on many fronts. A central issue is the study of the microbiological processes that cause fermentation. Much effort has previously been devoted to utilizing the knowledge gained from these studies to monitor and control fermentation processes. Attention is now being turned to the implementation phase.

Aerobic digestion at various temperatures, for example, high temperatures around 55°C and at lower temperatures around 10°C, is of great interest. Enzyme-catalysed purification of biogas for the production of methane as a vehicle fuel is another area of research being pursued.

The Division is running a pilot plant at a farm in southern Sweden, where tests are being carried out. One form of collaboration involves the evaluation of the residual material as a biofertilizer together with the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences.

The Division carries out both basic research and applied research in biochemistry and biotechnology. An interesting field of research involves studies on extremophiles, i.e. organisms that can exist in extreme conditions, and their enzymes. An extensive research programme involves the use of these organisms/enzymes for the production of chemicals from renewable raw materials.

The development of techniques for the remediation of polluted environments is another important area of research at the Division. The ability to measure operating parameters and to control processes is of the utmost importance in biotechnology. The Division is thus engaged in developing sensors and implementing them in various processes.

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