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The opening

The Energy Portal was launched the 15th of February 2006 in the students’ union building at LTH.

All day was filled with presentations, posters and discussions about ventures in the energy field within politics and the business sector in Sweden. Researchers from the Faculty of engineering and Lund University presented ventures made in the energy field of research. 

Before lunch leading representatives gave their perspectives on the energy challenges for Sweden and their expectations on the energy research:


Birgitta Resvik, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, presents in front of 150 people. 



Birgitta Palmberger, Swedish Energy Agency – client perspective

Maja Fjaestad – political special adviser to Mona Sahlin – politician perspective

Birgitta Resvik – Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – industrial and society perspective

Lars Frithiof, E.ON – industrial and society perspective.


The day after lunch was dedicated to presentations and discussion of research and posters showed.







Presentations and Posters

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