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Modern society is based on the use of cars, buses, lorries and machinery. Estimates indicate that transportation accounts for about 20% of Sweden’s total energy use.
Most of the world’s leading car manufacturers are concentrating on gaining a competitive advantage through developing more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly cars. This is important if we are to have long-term sustainable energy systems, and to reach the goals set on reductions in the contribution of traffic to acidification, eutrophication, public health effects and CO2 emission.
The combustion engine is therefore at the focus, and a great deal of research is being performed at Sweden’s institutes of technology, not least at the Division of Combustion Engines at the Department of Energy Sciences, and at the Division of Combustion Physics at the Department of Physics, at LTH. Related research on the purification of exhaust gases is also being carried out at the Department of Chemistry.

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